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01-Aug-2017 16:47

The IDE also adds each of the JAR files to the Class-Path element in the application JAR's file.

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=ICA – 595029 Not Valid Before: Tue Aug 11 CEST 2009 Not Valid After: Wed Aug 11 CEST 2010 Signature Algorithm: SHA1with RSAFINE: validation Callback: validate Err = 16 1: If you are running your java code as a standalone class then you should use the following to run the java code: java Store=trust Store Store Password=trust Store Password You JAVAclasswhere, trust Store: is the keystore which should contain the root certificate from the server hosting the service. No Such Algorithm Exception: Algorithm ECDH not available at javax.crypto.

Before delivering your application to users, use the Clean and Build command to generate fresh versions of the project's distributable files.

For standard projects that have a main class specified, the IDE automatically copies any JAR files on the project's classpath to the folder when you build the application.

First of all I would suggest using the following debug flag in case of any kind of SSL issue on Weblogic server:-Dweblogic.

Stdout Debug Enabled=true-Dssl.debug=true If you need to debug any SSL issue with the standalone JAVA class then you can use the following debug flag:debug=all : This is for turning all debugging.debug=ssl : This is for turning SSL debugging.

Net Beans provides both Ant and Maven for building your Java applications.

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