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Olivia: There's a huge no-no: not to be heavy in your text messages. I think you're out with your girlfriends, you're having a drink, or it's a lonely Sunday evening and you just feel the urge to flirtext a guy. So find a sponsor, one of your friends that you call or text instead, to kind of wean you off of texting in that moment. Facebook has really taken that up to a different level and has opened our dating world in a sense to us. So a lot of times, I think things like "I want to break up with you" or "I love you" for the first time over text -- you should just not be doing that, and I think that's a mistake a lot of people do. And the other don't -- I think we've all been there -- is texting under the influence: TUI. CNN: What about dating using other mediums, like Facebook or Twitter? A phisher might, for example, send an email that asks you to update your Virgin Mobile billing details to keep your account active.The email contains a link that takes you to a website that looks just like ours, so you may be fooled into typing in your login and account details.Texting family and friends in other countries from Canada, is easy-peasy with worldwide text messaging supported by over 1,000 international mobile operators.

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That's fun for girls texting to each other, but not when you're trying to flirtext. I think there is a time when you need to put the cell down and pick up the phone if you really like someone. Let me ask Sara about Todd before I respond back to his message or his friend request. You've got 160 characters to create a message that's sure to impress. And Virgin Mobile has a really good one right now, it's called the Texter's Delight.

The chauffeur from Durrington, West Sussex, - who depends on texting his clients to inform them of price changes - refused to pay the bills but had his service cut by the company, causing him to lose business.

Trinity's father, Philip, said he was stunned to see he had been charged £1,411.

CNN: What are some other things that shouldn't be discussed over text?

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Debra: We say, "Don't kid yourself." If he only texts you past 10 p.m.

It starts with service for

Debra: We say, "Don't kid yourself." If he only texts you past 10 p.m.

It starts with service for $1 and amazing Virgin perks.


Debra: We say, "Don't kid yourself." If he only texts you past 10 p.m. It starts with service for $1 and amazing Virgin perks.

and amazing Virgin perks.

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