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20-Oct-2017 14:54

Or you might ask if you can borrow the newspaper sat next to him, or if he would recommend the book he’s reading. Ultimately if you want to flirt with a guy you don’t know my advice is to play and have fun.If you feel bold then casually ask for his number at the end; or just use the opportunity to practice your flirting skills for when you meet a guy you really like.‘I often wonder how often people might unknowingly be travelling in the same Tube carriage as their soulmate. The London Underground carries a whopping 1.1 billion passengers a year, or four million a day, most of them busy avoiding any hint of interaction with anyone else.

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The odds of meeting someone compatible enough to spend your life with are significantly higher underground.

But the article refers to the system of phones and pneumatic tubes at each table as the Resi’s “big lure.” Phones were fixed to individual tables, and above many was a lighted number.

Singles needed only to look around the room until a fetching stranger caught their eye, note the number, and then direct a message to that table.

Instead of commuting, we should think of it as uber speed-dating instead.

You can always get off at the next stop if things get awkward.

The recipient will only receive your Spark once you have parted ways, saving any potential embarrassment and allowing you to maintain a certain air of mystery.

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