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23-Nov-2017 22:31

Dev Patel’s former girlfriend Freida Pinto has congratulated him on earning an Academy Award nomination this year.

, will be comprised of seven short films, each of which will pair a woman director with a prominent actress to tell what producers promise will be an inspiring story.

“Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism.” Sky added: “At its heart ‘Guerrilla’ is about a relationship under pressure, and the reality that for any couple there comes a point when the choices they make have real and lasting consequences.” Along with Ridley and Elba, the executive producers will be Patrick Spence and Katie Swinden for Fifty Fathoms, Tracy Underwood for ABC Signature, and Michael Mc Donald for Stearns Castle.

The miniseries is set to begin production in London late this summer, and will be a co-production between Fifty Fathoms and ABC Signature.

The We Do It Together advisory board consists of Wright, Jodie Foster, songwriter Diane Warren, director-actress Valeria Golino, Marvel exec vp Victoria Alonso, producer Keri Selig, actress Leonor Varela, producer Lucas Akoskin, CAA agent Cameron Mitchell, producer Paula Vaccaro and entertainment attorney Orly Ravid.

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Actor Dev Patel's former girlfriend, actress Freida Pinto has congratulated him on earning an Academy Award nomination this year.He experiences many challenges before getting adopted by a couple in Australia. The drama, directed by Garth Davis, will release in India on 24 February.